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The Attorney Ricky Anderson Entertainment Law Institute (ARAELI) is a global Continuing Educational Studies program and Entertainment Law resource for Life Long Learners. Our mission is to provide continuing education students, and Life Long Learners a learning experience (within a user-friendly technological environment) that informs and inspires our enrollees to expand their knowledge, interests, and creative concepts of entertainment law. ARAELI offers each enrollee a vast courseware of legal information within an e-learning platform that is easily accessible, engaging, and interactive. ARAELI allows enrollees to learn what lawyers in entertainment “actually do”, and prepares them to seek employment in the digital age.
Our Collegiate Partnership Program and how you can Partner with ARAELI:
At ARAELI, we understand that learning comes from all over the world. Therefore, we have established the Attorney Ricky Anderson Entertainment Law Institute Collegiate Partnership program to align with the educational goals within your organization. The institute’s program is a robust, flexible and competitive e-learning program with an extremely active support community. The program offers a Scholar-in-Executive-Residence, 21st Century e-learning Certificate, Executive-in-Residence Center for Excellence Institute, Industry level Mentoring and Coaching for Continuing Education students and Life Long Learners.
For more information on how your educational organization can become a partner with the Attorney Ricky Anderson Entertainment Law Institute, please contact us

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