Music Distribution Agreements – 21st Century and What Everyone Should Know, Course Bundle, Attorney Ricky Anderson



1 x CRM: An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management, Attorney Ricky Anderson

Take a look in your wallet. How many points, rewards, and loyalty cards do you have? These are all examples of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. What does your business offer to reward existing customers and gain new ones? This e-learning course will introduce the different facets of CRM and identify who the customers really are. It will also analyze the key components of CRM and explore how it can be integrated within your entertainment business.  


1 x How to Build Maximize Performance Agreements through Effective Marketing and Sales, Attorney Ricky Anderson and Yoli Chisholm, Chief Marketing Officer, digital Modern Marketing Institute

Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview A small marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t meet your goals and business objectives in the entertainment industry.  I have found that you just have to be more creative in your marketing tactics. This e-learning course will show you how to get maximum exposure at minimum cost. You will learn effective, low cost, and non-cost strategies to improve sales, develop your business image, and build your bottom line. This course will share some creative marketing tactics that will work for any budget.


1 x Effective Client Inventory Management and Understanding the Nuts and Bolts, Attorney Ricky Anderson

Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview Successful inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan to ensure that items are available when they are needed. It is important to keep track of existing inventory and its use, and competent inventory management seeks to control the costs associated with the inventory. This e-learning course will teach you how to effectively manage these items, which are collectively referred to as “inventory".  


1 x Understanding and Getting in the Game with an E-Commerce Management Agreement, Attorney Ricky Anderson

Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview E-commerce has been a part of the world’s financial landscape since the mid-1990s. It’s big and it’s getting bigger every day. E-commerce hasn’t replaced brick and mortar stores like some had predicted it would but it is a major part of today’s business world. Learn the skills in this e-learning course to manage your e-commerce business to success.


1 x Understanding Music Distribution Agreements with Thorough Sound Research Skills, Attorney Ricky Anderson

Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn basic research skills, such as reading, memory recall, and note-taking. You will also learn how to create different kinds of outlines for different stages of your project, and how to move from the outline to writing, editing, and polishing. As well, you’ll learn how to find information using the library’s Dewey Decimal System, journals, and the Internet.


1 x How to Develop an Entertainment Performance Agreement Through Global Business Strategies, Attorney Ricky Anderson

Course Length: 16 Weeks Course Hours: 24 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course provides an overview of the various factors that a business must consider before going global. Students will also begin considering how they can expand their business to the global marketplace using a variety of planning techniques. We strongly recommend that participants complete our Entrepreneurship 101 and Basic Business Management programs before taking this course.